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We are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best possible service, so we are stocked with a wide selection of stainless steel and silver-plated clasps and other jewelry pieces, ensuring that you can find the perfect finishing touch for your keepsake. For an additional fee (and a few extra days) we can use solid .925 sterling silver hardware and charms. But, in order to preserve solid silver's original patina, we chose not to keep it in stock. 

All hardware is nickel and lead free.  Whenever possible, I prefer to use components that are USA made - I support other small businesses too!


Silver-plated hardware is the most affordable, has the highest shine and will require periodic maintenance to remove tarnish buildup. Silver plated components are typically ornate.  If keepsakes are worn during swimming or showering/bathing, the silver finish is at risk of wearing away, exposing the metal core which can be a copper color. 

Stainless steel hardware requires little to no maintenance, though its luster isn't quite as shiny as silver-plated pieces. Stainless steel is also affordable but a bit higher priced than silver-plating. It is highly durable too. Stainless steel components are typically smooth without embellished designs and since the components are solid stainless steel, they stay true to their original finish.  And of the three most common hardware options, stainless steel is the most sustainable.

Sterling Silver requires periodic maintenance to remove tarnish buildup. Using silver will increase keepsake prices by about twice the listed price.  Please email for options and price quotes if you desire sterling silver clasps, end pieces or charms. 

Gold, Copper and Black Tones - We also offer a variety of different hardware in various finishes. If you don't see what you like... I'm just an email away.

Background Colors

 Backgrounds are made individually for each piece. They are truly one of a kind. Except for the solid colors, each background will have its own unique patterns and color flow.

Backgrounds shown cannot be duplicated exactly.

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