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1. Turnaround time

For small orders (1-10 items) is about one week if hair is sent clean, sorted, and all hardware is in stock. For larger orders please send an email to confirm turnaround time and options.


Because orders are created individually, once they are made, custom, horsehair orders are not returnable or refundable. Please choose size and hardware options carefully, don't hesitate to email with any questions before purchasing. (Buy now items are eligible for returns and refunds).  I will stay in contact during the entire process to ensure you are satisfied with your keepsake. 

*If you change your mind about background colors, hardware, charms or braid style please reach out ASAP there is a short window to change or upgrade those options. 


3. I don't want to order online.

If you would like to purchase custom keepsakes or buy now items, but would rather not use the online format, let's get an email thread started - I am happy to coordinate with you, and I still accept personal checks, Venmo and Zelle (and cash for nearby customers). Keepsakes will not be mailed until full payment is received. 


4. Where are you located?

ALL items are designed, and hand crafted in Grand Rapids, Ohio.  

*Mailing address and my cell phone number are included in the instructions after an order is placed.*

5. Where do I send my horsehair?

Instructions on where to send the hair are included on the order confirmation page and will also be sent in automated email after your order is placed. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive an instruction email within 5 minutes after purchasing.

6. When will I hear from you?

Once I receive the order, I will send an email, and I will stay in contact throughout the process. Photos will be sent of your keepsakes to ensure you are satisfied with them; please be prompt with responses to ensure your order is not delayed.  

7. I have questions about ordering products or designs.

Don't hesitate to email before ordering -


8. How do I track my keepsakes?

Your keepsakes will be sent to you with an electronic tracking number.  The electronic tracking number will be sent via email from a third party.  Be sure to check your spam/junk folder. 

9. I live close, can I order the old-fashioned way and drop off my hair?


Drop off and pickup orders are welcome. 


10. How are orders prioritized?

Orders are prioritized in the order the hair is received


11. Will you send unused hair back?

Absolutely!  All usable horsehair will be sent back to you.  The unusable horsehair is collected then donated to The Ohio 577 Foundation and Bowsher Highschool Art Department, then used in ceramics classes. Every effort is made to send as much hair back as possible.

12. Why don't you have a phone number or address listed? 

Our first line of contact will be via email. My cell number is included in the email I send after I receive an order confirmation. Texting is my preferred way to send photos etc.

And, to streamline and prioritize orders properly, only those who have placed an order via the website, or directly through me will have our mailing address. 

13. How do I know you will send the right hair back and use the hair I send you?

  • I photograph the hair along with the packaging it was sent in.

  • I keep orders separate; hair bundles are never co-mingling with other orders.

14. How much should I send?

  • Ash Keepsakes - 1 teaspoon

  • Belt Buckles, Bolos & Bridle Rosettes - a section at least as long and thick as a Q-tip.

  • Braided Hearts - at least 12" as thick as a lip balm tube.

  • Braided Necklaces & Hat bands- at least 24" as thick as a lip balm tube or as long as possible.

  • Braided Bracelets - at least 12" as thick as a lip balm tube.

  • Hat Pins - at least one long strand.

  • Necklace Pendants - at least one long strand.

  • Tassels - Necklaces, mini tassels & Bookmarks - at least 8" long the width of a Sharpie marker

  • Tassel Shoo Fly - Twice as long as the desired length + 1-2" and at least as thick as a Chapstick tube. These require a lot of hair.  


15. How should I send the hair?  

  •  Sending hair that is washed, banded at one end, sealed in a plastic zip bag and labeled with your last name and the horse's name is the preferred way. Each section of tail/mane should be banded separately.

  • *Unsorted hair is accepted, and for a nominal fee I will sort the hair. Please be sure to add "hair sorting" on the ordering page.

  • *Unwashed hair is accepted and for a small fee I will wash the hair. Please be sure to add "hair washing" on the ordering page.

  • *Sending unwashed or unsorted hair will increase the turnaround time by at least one day* 

  •  white hair - I have had a lot of success brightening white hair that has become stained with a brown or yellow hue.  Be sure to add "hair washing" on the ordering page. 

16. How to mail hair

A. Place each tail bundle in a zip, plastic bag with the horses' name and your name printed on the outside.

B. Mailing first class in a padded plastic envelope is the least expensive and it typically fits in the P.O. box without any issues. First class automatically adds tracking to your package too. 

Three sections of unsorted hair

Unwashed and washed hair

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