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Keepsake Care

Choking Hazard

Most keepsakes are made with attached small beads, findings and accents. They can be a choking hazard and should be kept away from small children and anyone at risk of choking.


Long Lasting Keepsakes

Keepsakes are delicate pieces and should not be worn during farm, home or yard chores, during showering, bathing or swimming or any activity that could cause them to breakdown prematurely.  


Each keepsake is carefully created, but from time-to-time materials and hardware may be flawed or may even break. If you believe you have flawed hardware, please contact me as soon as possible.


Tarnished Hardware

Silver plated hardware and accents might tarnish, especially in homes with sulfur water.  To help prevent tarnishing keep items in a sealed plastic bag with tarnish paper (included). Polish as needed with silver polishing cloth (included).


Loose Horse Hair

Over time, loose or stray hairs may surface from braided horsehair pieces.  This is normal and is most likely from undetected, shorter hairs working their way out. These hairs can be carefully trimmed off as they surface; I use embroidery scissors to reduce the risk of cutting intact hairs.


Cleaning Horsehair Keepsakes

If horsehair becomes dirty use warm water to rinse each piece. Make sure to hold hardware out of the water.  Mild soap/shampoo can also be used to gently wash the hair.


Keep Away From Nail Polish Remover

Keepsakes with hardware ends must be kept away from nail polish remover (Acetone) since it could break down the adhesive. 


Keepsake Repairs

If you have a keepsake or jewelry piece that needs to be repaired or refurbished, please contact me so we can coordinate all the details.

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